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News Corp National Dailies Jun 24 2021

News Corp Ian Whitworth Undisruptable

The Australian The Deal Jun 12 2021

The Australian Undisruptable Ian Whitworth

Smart Company June 1 2021: Chaos Is An Excellent Catalyst


Smart Company Undisruptable

SMH / The Age Jan 9 2020: Big Coal Makes No Sense For Business

Op-ed opinion piece on the how the government’s mates-club focus on coal is killing business sectors that employ far more people.


Ian Whitworth SMH Jan 9 2020 Big Coal Makes No Sense For Business

Smart Company March 13 2019


Smart Company Ian Whitworth

Why you should get out of your bubble or you’ll never understand your customers. Love that headline, hats off to the Smart Company editorial team for that one.

I’m doing weekly columns there so won’t post them all here, if YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS A SINGLE ONE get on the socials, links at bottom of page.

2GB Sep 6 2018 This Is Not An Accident: Big Businesses Ripping Off Elderly Consumers


I warned you big utilities do not mess with my mum. Discussing more on this hot topic with Chris Smith on 2GB.

Ian Whitworth

Weekend Sunrise Aug 18 2018: Senior Bills Rort – Overcharging The Elderly

What could be better than taking your Mum on TV?

We discovered that big businesses she had trusted for 50 years had been taking advantage of her in brutal fashion. Fuck that! Time to take her on Sunrise and let her be a more interesting performer than me.

News.com.au Aug 18 2018: Signs You’re Being Paid Less Than You’re Worth

One of my ambitions is to work until I die because it’s unbelievably fun. I’ve done a few media things lately with Sue Clarke, who is an absolute champion. She retired from a job in customs at age 55 thinking that was the dream. Then she felt bored and invisible as a retiree, and went on Survivor instead, lasting 41 days i.e 40 days longer than I would have. Now she’s a marriage celebrant and killing it.

Sue and I are in this piece, with some thoughts on the harsh issues affecting people as they age in the workforce.


MichaelWest.com.au Aug 17 2018: Big Business – Stop Robbing My Mum

Honored to appear on the site run by Australia’s leading business investigative reporter, Michael West.

He goes after tax dodging multinationals, I go after insurance companies charging my Mum nine-thirds of the market price for home insurance. Read it here.

Stop Stealing From My Mum by Ian Whitworth

SMH / The Age July 4 2018: Banning Plastic Bags Is Right So Deal With It

Op-ed opinion piece on why “The customer is always right” is wrong. I preferred their mobile headline:

Either way it got over 700 comments so see what got them all steamed up here.

Mumbrella July 4 2018: Marketing is for your staff, not just for your clients

Even if we had proof that our marketing never won us a single new client, we’d still do it anyway. Because our staff dig it, and it’s a part of our proudest KPI: staff turnover under 2%. Read it here.

Inside Small Business July 4 2018

“Applying personal tax return thinking to your business is an amateur mindset. It’s not a “tax deduction”, it’s an expense, and the more expenses you have, the lower your profit.” You want finance advice from an ex-creative director? Why not, we tested it with our own money: Avoid The Tax Time Splurge.

Dynamic Business June 26 2018: Tax Time Splurge Often A Costly Mistake

For God’s sake please stop buying junk in late June because it’s tax deductible. Read the sensible version at Dynamic Business, or the more obnoxious version in the Top 5 Sayings of Financially-Illiterate Managers.

Business First Magazine June/July 2018: Marketing – It’s Not Just For Your Clients

“Conventional wisdom says marketing is to win new clients. And reassure existing clients that they’ve made the right choice. Yet many businesses ignore marketing’s major hidden benefit, one that delivers major bottom-line benefits in lowered costs and sustained higher margins. Those things come from how your own staff feel about your marketing.”

6PR Perth May 29 2018

Among the bullshit success goals you read about, getting rich enough to retire at 40 is about the worst. It’s a clear sign you haven’t found something fun and meaningful to do with your life. I talk about this with Chris Illsley of 6PR, along with Sue, an awesome woman who retired as a customs officer at 58, got bored and felt invisible, trained as a wedding celebrant and JP, went on Survivor in 2016, and is generally killing it.

HRM (HR Institute Magazine) 18 April 2018

Piece on Scene Change in HRM on how to attract and retain awesome staff. Featuring Scenejet from 2014, still one of our favourite capers. We’d still do all the marketing stuff we do even if it never won us a single new customer. Because our own people dig it, and we want them to proud to be a part of something … interesting. The sub-headline is amusing: “But is it necessary to go that far?” Damn right it is. Scene Change – going unnecessarily that far since 2006.

Employer branding: Is appearance really everything?

Scene Jet Employer Branding by Ian Whitworth

2UE Sydney March 21 2018

Interview with Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett. In the Depression-era docklands, able-bodied workers would assemble at dawn hoping to be the few picked for a day’s harsh work. Sydney’s docks, where the glamorous Barangaroo development now sits, was known as the Hungry Mile. Now, underemployment is on the rise and the digital gig-economy is doing the same thing. Don’t let the disruption spruikers persuade you their app makes you an entrepreneur.

5AA Adelaide March 12, 2018

Interview with Brad Aldridge on workplace casualisation, future work trends, why business people should stop whining about Millenials, why you should choose the most expensive online suppliers you can find, and a lot more.

Technical note: the station had a world of computer dramas that day so the inhouse recording didn’t work, this one was an office recording hence the keyboard noises sorry about that but it was a good chat across a bunch of issues so we put it up.

Weekend Sunrise 10/3/18

Ian Whitworth on workplace casualisation and why you can’t build a great business without committed full-time staff.


Ian Whitworth is a reformed advertising creative director turned entrepreneur with a successful national group of businesses that he doesn’t work in day to day. Read more

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