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"Witty, clever and extremely relevant in these godforsaken Zoom times." Zoë Foster Blake

Book on sale now from Penguin Random House.

The Book

“An Australian business classic.” Reviews of Undisruptable


Undisruptable is out in the stores now, and on audio/e-book. Here are some reviews:

Zoë Foster Blake Review


Zoë Foster Blake has impeccable cred in both writing books and creating businesses, so her review of Undisruptable means a lot. Also I’ve not been called a rascal once in my life, not even by my mother, and I LIKE IT.



Zoë Foster Blake Undisruptable review

“An Australian Business Classic”


Cyan Ta’eed is one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. The company she co-founded, Envato, is a global success story.

Read her full review post here:


Cyan Ta'eed Envato Undisruptable

Some of her thoughts on the book:

Undisruptable by Ian Whitworth is one of the best business books I’ve ever read – and I’ve read a lot of them. Not only is it full of business/life wisdom and advice from someone who’s actually done it, but is entertaining enough (hilarious, actually) that I didn’t want to put it down.”

“This is a hand on heart recommendation for a book I believe is going to become an Australian business classic. I have about 10 books I plan to make my children read before they move out of home and this book is now on that list.”


What’s So Funny, Dad?


Elsewhere in her post Cyan talks about her kids demanding she read passages out loud because they wanted to know why she was laughing. I didn’t think that would become a thing, but reader Dan writes:


“First of all my kids kept asking me why are you laughing? I would read passages to them hoping they would get it! They pretended to, however what I found interesting is for the first time we were talking about business, ethics, strategy, values and god forbid – MONEY! More importantly I found myself genuinely inspired – I could relate to everything Ian talked about, some good some bad, I’m pretty sure I had tears in my eyes one morning relating to a particular chapter around stressful times. Then he made me laugh again. It’s a great read – you must do it if you are in business, thinking about it or dreaming about it.”






“Throw Out All Your Business Books”


Reader Ben, Australian boss of a global brand you’ve all heard of, says:






Reader Catherine writes:




Ian Whitworth is a reformed advertising creative director turned entrepreneur with a successful national group of businesses that he doesn’t work in day to day. Read more

The Book - Undisruptable